The fill sensor login button above permits users with login parameters to view live sensors in the field at "cleancitynetworks". Please email: to procure login details. 


DaTeSe offers a complete asset management solution developed with enterprises in mind. You can offer your users a full-featured asset management and monitoring solution that you can easily access from an app or url.

You can add new users and devices online. The solution is packed with great features and multi-language support. The Hosted Solution allows you to track your assets and lets us take care of the technical aspects.

Use case scenarios range from 1. monitoring fuel levels; 2. monitoring temperature levels; 3. monitoring movement in and out of secure areas; 4. accessing real-time video or still images; 5. monitoring vibration levels.

Products that offer the above use case scenarios are iiAAS (Internet of things infrastructure as a service), FILL SENSE and Xplosaf. Select Products button below for more information.

Our users have the option of paying "per alert" which saves them the cost of owning and thus maintaining the hardware.