TCI operates as a private mobile network provider ‘PMNP' under the brand and business unit, DTS. DTS is an acronym for Direct To Service. DTS solution portfolio enables its Subscribers to access all Wide Area Network (WAN) technologies, all access types, at a full range of bandwidths, and in all geographies that they operate in.

Also in accessing (WAN) technologies DTS guarantees TCI derived service excellence where the following is concerned:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Coverage

Subscribers obtain connectivity at a variety of price points, with differing levels of resilience and throughput. DTS believes innovation is about creating products and services that meet key Subscriber requirements. DTS believes in bespoke services as never does one (1) size fit all.

Unlike Virtual Network Operators (VNOs) DTS owns its own infrastructure so controls the service level delivered to Subscribers.

The DTS solution portfolio includes: (A) the core network and access technology options, (B) a converged voice and data solution if appropriate and (C) the full range of network security and remote access services.

DTS integrates the transmission networks, its core network, access points, remote devices, SIMs and technologies into a single, end-to-end network solution so that the client relies upon DTS as a single network infrastructure interface and supplier for the entire network.