WBEica Tan

A very private and exclusive service for hotel guests, luxury flat tenants and luxury car hire users. Tan provides access to:

  • total control of all facilities in their room from a single mobile device;
  • private secure mobile telephony service during their stay;
  • exclusive social events at the Hotel during their stay (e.g.: visiting chefs and patisseries);
  • discreet community of high net-worth and ultrahigh net-worth persons/experiences during and after their stay;
  • a private global personal assistant that accompanies them wherever they go;
  • a dedicated concierge desk attached to them and their business during their stay;
  • a personal guided tour of their environ around the hotel and updates on their room and bills even while on the move;
  • a unique mobile internet experience

WBEica Ether

An exclusive members only Club modeled after the traditional gentlemen's club.

Motto – ‘Honesty, Loyalty and Self Sacrifice”

Ether provides its members with specialist support and facilities for their work in a very convenient though luxurious and relaxing manner. It is the preferred choice for persons that are accomplished in their own rights and desire a means to build on their successes in privacy and trust.

WBEica ECP (Enterprise Content Portal)

A door otherwise known as a console leading to customers backend databases and applications specific to the customers business.

Accessing the door is so simple and easy to navigate.

Step 1: Select Enterprise

Step 2: Choose your tool

Step 3: Choose your product

WBEica Tan

Tan is a bouquet of exquisite services made to indulge its users in all their heart desires and wishes. Its a 7 star approach to spoiling and pampering.