WBEica consists of both personal entertainment, and enterprise productivity tools under one platform.

  • WBEica Enterprise
  • WBEica Lifestyle


WBEica Lifestyle service offerings provide amongst other things:

  • Mobile Store Front
  • Hundreds of tools, games, applications, resources and others to pick and buy at one's leisure and convenience


WBEica Enterprise enables mobile users to remotely interact with their business applications and database (for example, Siebel, Oracle, Remedy, salesforce.com and SAP) from their handheld device.

Using WBEica Enterprise work tools mobilise access to business applications and databases can be enabled anytime and anywhere providing the corporation, organisation or individual with:

  • An increase in the productivity of mobile workers through better use of non-productive time, as they have the ability to update information at any time, instead of when they can get to a PC. Its all about the empowerment of mobile workers, by giving them access to the information they need, when they need it.
  • The reduction, or even the removal, of the need for paper-based systems. A more responsive two-way communication between fixed and mobile staff, ensuring both groups use the most up-to-date